On June 15th, Nintendo exit a brand brand-new Software upgrade for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Ver. 1.5.0), and also released the latest DLC fill for owners of the expansion Pass: the difficulty Battle Pack. In this mode, personalities from previous Xenoblade Chronicles appear: Elma (from Xenoblade Chronicles X), and also Shulk and also Fiora native Xenoblade Chronicles. What’s more, they show up not just as cameo characters, but additionally as really Blades!

Unfortunately, friend cannot carry them v you come Alrest, and also they deserve to only be offered within the Battle challenge Mode… until you can gain a details reward, that is! Wondering just how you can obtain that really reward and also unlock Elma, Shulk, and also Fiora because that the key game? then you’ve come to the ideal place!

Here’s the complete rundown the what you have to do in order come unlock Elma, Shulk, and Fiora for the key game:

If you want Shulk and also Fiora…

Launch the to update gameGo to food selection > expansion Pass > Gift from Zuo > choose Nopon Summons and press back to the Skip take trip menu, and fast take trip to Kingdom that Uraya > Olethro ruins > Olethro PlayhouseMove in the direction of the weird crystal, appropriate in prior of friend after fast travelling. After the cutscene, research the portalAfter the cutscenes, go speak to the Nopon Archsage, and also take top top the challenge called “Dino Drama” (only obtainable after clearing the key game).

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And that’s pretty lot it: girlfriend only need to finish just one Challenge… i beg your pardon is going to be much much easier said 보다 done. This is a pretty daunting one (the level border is Lvl. 99, and also Blade Powers space not allowed), though at the very least, girlfriend can complete it on straightforward if it’s just too hard for you on Normal.

If you want Elma…

Launch the to update gameGo to menu > expansion Pass > Gift from Zuo 3 > pick Nopon Summons Pt. 2 and also press ago to the Skip travel menu, and also fast travel to Kingdom the Uraya > Olethro ruins > Olethro PlayhouseExamine the portal in order come head over to the land of challenge (follow the instructions because that Shulk and Fiora an initial if girlfriend haven’t reached that area yet)Go speak to the Nopon Archsage, and also take ~ above the difficulty called “Otherwordly Fighter” (only easily accessible after clearing chapter 6).

To take on this Challenge, you need to have actually the following personalities in your party, and the following knives engaged: Rex, Nia, Tora, Morag, Zeke, Pyra, Dromarch, Poppi a, Brighid, Pandoria, Shulk, and Fiora.

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Here’s details about the Challenge:

Time Limit: 60mnWaves: 1Level Restriction: Lv 60Blade Powers: NoDriver Conditions: No

And that’s pretty lot it… well, not quite, actually. If you want to carry Elma to Alrest (and no just add her as Blade to your party for the challenge Battle mode), you additionally have to beat the “Redux” Challenge, unlocked ~ above clearing Otherwordly Fighter.