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By editing and enhancing the slide understand for your presentation, girlfriend can adjust the footer formatting (such as font style, size, and also color) on every one of your slides in ~ one time.

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Change the footer formatting on every slides

To adjust the font formatting in the footer, perform the following:

On the View menu, choose Master > Slide Master.

At the top of the thumbnail pane, click the slide understand to pick it.


Highlight any type of footer aspects (such as date, footer text, or on slide number) top top the on slide master, and also then on the Home tab, pick the font formatting you want in the Font and also Paragraph groups.


Important: To ensure the your modification footers show up on your slides, on the Insert menu, click Header and also Footer. Then, on the Slide tab, select any footers you want to show up on your slides, consisting of Date and time, Slide number, and Footer. When you return to Normal view, her footer alters should appear on any kind of footer facets you selected.


You can modify the font formatting that footers on individual page layouts in Slide grasp view by selecting a page layout in action 2 and editing the layout on the Home tab.

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You have the right to modify the font formatting that footers on individual slides by picking the footer message in common view and editing the layout on the Home tab.

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