I swear, ‘The Flash’ isn’t also trying come make sense anymore. The large plot twisted in this week’s illustration is together a blatant BS ret-con that it’s nearly an insult to viewers… No, scrape that “practically.” It have to be a direct and deliberate “F.U.” from the show’s authors to the viewing audience.

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The episode opens up with not one, however two flashbacks. The very first is simply a rapid reiteration that young Barry evil his mother’s fatality 15 years ago. That’s then juxtaposed through a comparable scene on Earth-2, the precise time unclear and only explained as “Many year Ago.” A young young witnesses his abusive dad (a battle vet attract a acquainted winged steel helmet) killing his mother, and is then shipped turn off to an orphanage. The boy’s name is Hunter Zolomon. It is a surname we’ve heard before.

Back in the here and now, Barry is trial and error a brand-new tachyon enhancer machine that looks favor a large metal ring and also attaches to the former of his uniform. The machine super-charges Barry’s Speed force and allows him to run at least 4 times quicker than ever before. Together he’s running, we watch him disappear in a blink briefly and also then reappear a moment later. (Although airing numerous weeks late, this need to be the equivalent tie-in to critical month’s ‘Supergirl’ crossover – despite it’s really strange the Barry never ever mentions anything about traveling to an additional Earth when he gets ago to S.T.A.R. Labs.) feeling cocky and convinced the he’s currently as quick as Zoom, Barry is eager to reopen a dimensional breach and also return to Earth-2. Dr. Wells, however, refuses to help him carry out that. He’d favor that Zoom remain trapped a universe away, yet Barry just can’t revolve his earlier on Earth-2.

(Already, here’s a problem. Assuming the this is the ‘Supergirl’ crossover point, Barry currently knows that he deserve to travel between universes every on his own, and also doesn’t need Wells or anybody rather to open up a portal for him. He just has actually to number out just how to regulate that power.)

If Wells won’t help him, Barry gets it in his head the Cisco might be able to reopen a breach using his “vibe” powers. Cisco’s Earth-2 doppelganger, Reverb, had actually a bunch the powers the Cisco there is no explored yet. Cisco agrees to try, yet fails in ~ his very first attempt since he has no trust in himself.

Dr. Wells payment Joe a visit and also asks him to talk Barry out of this stupid arrangement of his. Joe shrugs and also says that as soon as Barry to adjust his psychic on something, yes no protecting against him. Eventually, Wells comes around and tweaks Cisco’s Vibe glasses to assist him with this breach problem. Barry urges Cisco to shot again at the point of a recognized breach, in an exit hospital. Cisco gets additional this time and cracks the breach open, however freaks out and immediately close the door it. Great thing, too. End on Earth-2, Zoom sensed the breach opening and was poised come jump v as soon as the got big enough.

Cisco problems that he’s “going Anakin” and will succumb come the Dark Side similar to his doppelganger Reverb did. Barry assures him the he’s nothing favor Reverb, due to the fact that he has friends who care around him and also have his back.

Wells provides a smaller sized version that the tachyon maker that can be hidden under the Flash logo on Barry’s uniform. As soon as Caitlin mentions that Jay Garrick’s Earth-1 doppelganger didn’t have meta powers and also was called Hunter Zolomon, Wells automatically recognizes the name. Hunter Zolomon to be an notorious serial killer top top Earth-2 that committed 23 murders before being shipped turn off to a loony bin.

In a flashback, we check out that Zolomon to be being treated through electroshock treatment at the moment Wells conducted his reactor experiment. Although the Earth-2 S.T.A.R. Labs never ever exploded, Wells nevertheless accidentally released dark matter right into the ground, i m sorry turned a bunch of human being into meta-humans – including Hunter Zolomon. (Because there to be no evident meltdown, Wells retained it a mystery that he was responsible for creating the meta-humans.)

But wait, if Wells knows every this, do not do it he have known who Zoom was every along? at the really least, how did nobody acknowledge that “Jay Garrick,” that ran around Earth-2 as The Flash, to be a really famous serial killer? Oy, my head hurts…

Anyway, Barry convinces Cisco to open up the breach again, this time all the way. Immediately, Zoom jumps through and arrives in Earth-1. Ns guess Barry meant this, due to the fact that he leads Zoom on a chase through the city the ends ago at S.T.A.R. Labs, wherein Barry distracts Zoom through cardboard cutouts the his parents, then traps him with the boot-clamp machine that Patty supplied on him earlier in illustration 2.09.

Caught and unmasked, Zoom acknowledges that, yes, he’s the same Jay Garrick who befriended every one of them and also romanced Caitlin, not a doppelganger. He to be a wolf in sheep’s clothes the totality time. Whaaaaaat?! No, the can’t it is in right. We experienced Zoom murder that Jay Garrick on camera!

The boot-clamp thingie proves completely ineffectual as soon as Zoom simply phases appropriate through it and runs away. Oh shit, Barry screwed up again.

Later, Barry and also Joe return home to uncover their residence trashed and message native Zoom scrawled ~ above the wall surface that he has kidnapped Wally and will only exchange him for Barry’s speed. Bummer.

As confirmation of this, we watch that Zoom has locked up Wally in the cage next to the male in the metal mask… host on, isn’t that on Earth-2? just how did Zoom get earlier there with a prisoner? go Team flash seriously leave the breach open and unguarded???

In a moment of staggering idiocy, Barry agrees to offer up his speed to Zoom in stimulate to save Wally – failing to recognize that as quickly as Zoom has the speed and also is completely unchallenged, he’s just going to murder all of them (including Wally) anyway, along with everybody else in two whole universes. WTF room you thinking, Barry?

Barry has Cisco vibe on Jay’s steel helmet and also communicate the offer. Jay meets them in ~ S.T.A.R. Labs and, together promised, release Wally. You might think the Barry need to have set up a catch for Jay as shortly as Wally is clear, but no. He operation on the treadmill and allows Wells to collect his Speed force with the machine he offered previously come steal few of Barry’s speed.

As Barry is doing that, Jay goes all talk Killer and also boasts around how the Jay Garrick they witnessed him murder to be a younger version of himself, a “time remnant,” from previously in the timeline, whom he convinced to sacrifice himself to spreading this brilliant plan. He also says that he take it up the mantle of The flash in stimulate to give the human being of Earth-2 false hope that he can rip away from them. As soon as asked that the man in the steel mask is, all he will respond is, “You wouldn’t think it if ns told you.”

Barry finishes exhausted his speed Force and is left powerless and also human again. Jay/Zoom instantly grabs the syringe and also shoots up v it. Currently super ‘roided up, he choose up Barry and also strangles him. When Caitlin appeals to everything may it is in left of his humanity, Jay fall Barry, grabs her instead, and runs off v her.

Episode Verdict

To it is in blunt around it, this illustration is a bunch of horseshit. The flatly contradicts whatever we knew about friendly Jay Garrick, and also I nothing buy the story that this was every a diabolical setup to deceive our heroes. Since if it was, it was a damned stupid diabolical plan. I simply do not think that this is what the authors intended all along once they presented the Jay Garrick character.

On height of that, the nonsensical time take trip stuff in this display just keeps acquiring worse and worse. If Garrick killed a younger variation of self from previously in the timeline, the old Garrick/Zoom should have immediately disintegrated and disappeared like Eobard Thawne did as soon as his ancestor Eddie eliminated himself and ended the family line.

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I haven’t paid fist to the names of the writers on each episode. Has the show undergone a major turnover in the composing staff recently? space the present writers proactively trying to weaken their predecessors’ work? more importantly, execute they no have any respect because that the audience’s knowledge at all?

The many frustrating component of this illustration is the the dramatic organization is in reality pretty great and the cast commits to it. If ns didn’t still like the characters and also the premise, i’m not certain I’d stick v it ~ an episode prefer this.