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ttacs.ttu.eduMessage-id: MIME-version: 1.0X-Mailer: ELM Content-type: text/plain; charset=US-ASCIIContent-transfer-encoding: 7bitContent-length: 2550 girlfriend Don"t Even contact Me by My name by: DAVID ALLAN COEC G CIt to be all the I might do to save from cryin" F CSometimes it appears so useless to remainF CYou don"t have actually to contact me darlin", darlin" G CYou never ever even call me by my name. C G CYou don"t have actually to call me Waylon Jennings C G CAnd girlfriend don"t have to call me Charlie Pride. F C to be You don"t have to speak to me Merle Haggard, anymore. D GEven though your on my fightin" side.CHORUS F CAnd I"ll hang about as long as you will certainly let me C G C and also I never ever minded standin" in the rain. F CYou don"t have actually to call me darlin", darlin" G C G You never even speak to me by mine name.I"ve heard my surname a couple of times in your phone bookI"ve viewed it on signs where I"ve laidBut the only time ns know, I"ll hear David Allan CoeIs once Jesus has his final judgement day. CHORUS... Then: the spoken part below has this played in the background:(the numbers are complete bars)C-2 G-4 C-2 G-2 C-1 G-1 and then C to complete out the rest. Well, a friend of mine named Steve Goodman created that songand he told me it was the perfect country and western songI created him earlier a letter and told the it was no the perfectcountry and western song because he hadn"t claimed anything aboutMomma, or trains, or trucks, or prison, or gettin" drunk.Well, he satellite down and wrote another verse to the song and also he sentit to me and after reading it, ns realized that my friend had written the perfect country and western song. And also I feel obliged to encompass iton this album. The critical verse goes choose this here: Well, ns was drunk the day mine Mom acquired outta prison.And I went to pick her up in the rain.But, before I might get come the terminal in mine pickup truckShe gained runned end by a damned old train.CHORUS:So I"ll hang roughly as long as you will let meAnd I never ever minded standin" in the rain.

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No,You don"t have actually to speak to me darlin", darlin" C G C FYou never ever even speak to me, i wonder why friend don"t speak to me C G F C F C Why don"t girlfriend ever call me by mine name. Jacob Wilson (jacobw
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