you’re The Worst: 10 Quotes around Relationships that We can All Relate come The characters on the TV comedy You"re The Worst are constantly honest around their fault relationships. We can all called to this funny quotes.

when love stories are presented on TV, they"re frequently overdramatic (like ~ above Grey"s Anatomy or Riverdale) or component of a cheesy sitcom. You"re The Worst did something fully different: the series, i m sorry aired for five seasons indigenous 2014 till 2019, illustrated a reality relationship in between two characters who aren"t something close come perfect.

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This popular present has a brand-new take on love and dating that is really unique, therefore it provides sense that there are many intelligent quotes. Below are 10 quotes about relationships from You"re The Worst that we deserve to all relate to.

10 "Marriage is hard, yet your wedding is the at some point it"s fun. Every little thing is downhill after the wedding."

Lindsay Jillian (Kether Donohue) is in a miserable relationship, and her character mirrors that sometimes civilization marry for any reason but true love. Her husband is Paul Jillian (Allan McLeod).

While Lindsay"s quote is extremely cynical, there is certainly some fact to it. Hope if we get married, us don"t think the every single day will be that bad, however many people talk around how gift married method putting the job-related in on a everyday basis. Sure, the wedding is a party... However marriage, just like a long-term and serious relationship, isn"t always 100 percent funny all the time.

This is one more great, relatable quote indigenous Lindsay, and also it"s the kind of thing that can make us feel sort of sad and lonely if us think around it as well much.

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When Lindsay asks this question, it couldn"t be much more profound. In theory, if we"re single and we want to fulfill someone, we can go on days (especially if we"re digital dating)... Yet meeting people we called to and connect to is an additional story.

8 "This is ours love story… and also our story is chaotic, however love is chaos. It"s the only video game in city I"ve played."

This is such a an excellent quote indigenous Jimmy Shive-Overly (Chris Geere). Most civilization don"t think about love gift "chaos" but it does do a most sense once we think about it.

In the movies, a couple will fall in love and then have to face much more than a couple of obstacles in order to end up together. In actual life, though, those obstacles are always around, and life is always busy and complicated. We need to put in the effort to keep our connection going. Jimmy puts into words that love isn"t walk to it is in perfect or simple.

7 "You stayed."

these two straightforward words room incredibly systematic within the paper definition of this show. As soon as Gretchen claims this quote, it"s part of her storyline once she"s enduring from depression, and also she"s therefore happy that Jimmy sticks around at her place.

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This is so relatable. Every anyone wants is that special human being who sees us, understands us, and also most of all, desires to be in it because that the long haul.

6 "I guess, in the end, we were simply two stars born lightyears apart. You require to uncover someone in your very own constellation."

Paul"s quote is both beautiful and interesting. It makes us desire to sit under in a quiet place and also think for a while about why some relationships work and why some don"t.

Even if we"re tempted to continue to be in a relationship since we would rather not be alone, that"s not a great idea. Prefer Paul says, we need to find "someone in our own constellation" and also make certain that we"re dating someone who gets us and also who we have actually something in typical with.

5 "There come a day as soon as every partnership turns gross old and also boring, like Ben Affleck and also Jennifer Garner…"

This is one more quote by Lindsay from You"re The Worst that perfectly explains relationships and also it"s something the we deserve to all called to. The point out of a currently divorced celebrity couple brings part humor come what is a really exciting statement.

While we never want to admit that we feel boring by our long-term relationship, us all understand that it takes work and also effort to keep a love story going. In the beginning, it"s so thrilling, yet after 5 years, date nights could turn right into a most nights at home watching TV. We could not say the it"s "gross, old and also boring" however that"s the beauty of the honest characters on You"re The Worst.

4 "If "I love you" is favor a promise, it"s simply a promise to try real hard. The doesn"t average you can"t fail."

Gretchen"s quote is a yes, really important way of looking at love. For this reason many people grow up thinking that love is constantly going to same perfection, particularly thanks to Hollywood films, yet that"s certainly not the case.

Everyone is walk to do mistakes. However as Gretchen says, we need to "try." As long as we"re there for the other person and also we keep admitting what we did wrong and showing up, that"s walk to count for a lot.

3 "You gotta honor the end of a relationship."

This You"re The Worst quote about relationships is claimed by Lindsay"s brother-in-law Vernon Barbara (Todd Robert Anderson). This is an amazing concept and also it"s not really what anyone wants to do when they rest up v someone.

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Most that the time, specifically if a breakup to be bad, both partners are angry and also don"t ever before want to view the other human being again. However Vernon provides us something come think about. Possibly this will readjust how we technique breakups (although we do like the Lorelai Gilmore "wallowing" method since it requires ice cream and other junk food).

The characters on You"re The Worst aren"t well-known for being super romantic, therefore this quote from Jimmy is more than likely the most romantic that he gets. And also it"s perfect.

Who hasn"t believed this around their partner? sometimes it feels prefer no one really understands us other than for them, and they"re the only human being that we desire to invest time with. (Well, except when they"re driving us crazy and not loading the dishwasher the "right" way but that"s another story.)

1 "Love isn"t about having who to obtain you things. Love is putting someone else"s feelings above your own."

This quote native Paul about relationships is also very relatable. Once we fall in love for the very first time, we"re commonly young and also innocent, and also we don"t really understand the true nature the the concept.

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But as we obtain older, us understand exactly what Paul is saying: we desire to it is in there for our partner and we care around their well-being and also happiness.

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