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You Won This Hole is series of picture macros that use a screenshot of the victor animations from the video game Mario Golf: World Tour in which characters such as Waluigi and Daisy are displayed smiling over the subtitle "you won this hole." Online, people use the expression as a sexually explicit joke.


On May first, 2014, the video game Mario Golf: World Tour was released in Japan. In the game, once personalities win a hole, the victory screen mirrors them posing over the subtitle "You won this hole."

The adhering to month, Tumblr<6> user neatpotatoes publimelted an image of Waluigi"s victory display screen and also the caption "You won this hole" with the comment "once they say their dick is 8 inches." The short article (displayed below) obtained even more than 96,000 notes in 4 years.



On January 11th, 2015, Tumblr <1> user apollollo posted an image of Waluigi saying "You won this hole!" They captioned the write-up, "sfinish this your crush." Within three years, the post (presented below) got more than 184,000 notes.


On March third, 2017, ShitpostBot 5000 <2> user LUNATICTKR publiburned the design template for the meme.

On January 1ninth, 2018 Instagram <3> user
pubity publiburned a variation, making use of the character Daisy"s victory display. They captioned the post "Her: "How tall are you?" "Him: "6-"" The post (presented below, left) received more than 51,000 likes in four months. This version was later on posted by Redditor<5> VreachAndClearV2 on the /r/MemeEconomy and received even more than 19,000 points (90% upvoted) and 195 comments.

Several days later, Redditor <4> DontWeDoItInTheRoadway posted the image through the caption "Me I run a meme page Her:" on the /r/dankmemes subreddit The write-up (displayed below, center) obtained more than 6,000 points (97% upvoted) and also 70 comments.

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On April 6th, Redditor<6> IxaII posted a variation on /r/dankmemes featuring the Gnome Child. The short article (shown below, right) obtained more than 900 points (98% upvoted) and also 10 comments.