When Zach Nichols was actors on The real World: san Diego in 2011, he had no idea that he’d still be working v the decade virtually 10 years later. In 2012 he made his first appearance on The difficulty where he won The fight of the Seasons. Together a result, Zach quickly ended up being a pan favorite amongst viewers and a danger to competitors. However, after competing in the “War that the civilizations 2” season in 2019, Zach decided to walk far from the competition. Although that seems like he might be gone because that good, The Challenge certainly has a method of reeling people back in. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Zach Nichols.

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1. He to be Close Friends v Ryan Knight

Ryan Knight to be a cast member on The real World: new Orleans i m sorry aired in 2010. He and also Zach Nichols met in 2012 while filming The Challenge: fight of the Seasons. The two hit it off instantly and also formed a close bond. Sadly, Ryan passed away all of sudden in 2014 after a house part in Wisconsin. Zach explained his fondest memory with Ryan saying, “I was having some problems, simply decisions that i was making and people i was neighboring myself with. I was making some negative decisions, and also Ryan actually was among the main world that to be like, “Hey, you should straighten this ingredient out. You require to acquire out of this situation.” and he helped me get out of the situation, and as ns was leaving — and for around a month — he called and would speak to me for three hours.”

2. He Loves The song “Changes” by Tupac

Zach Nichols has an extremely diverse taste when it involves music. He’s the form of person that would most likely say “anything” if friend ask that what his favourite genre is. One of his favourite songs is “Changes” by Tupac. He says the track reminds him no to confirm.

3. He visited College top top A soccer Scholarship

Zach was a vain athlete for most of his life, therefore it’s no surprise that the has discovered so much success top top The Challenge. He attended north Michigan college on a football scholarship. In this old video clip interview through his school’s sports brand-new channel, Zach mutual that he wanted to try to continue playing football after college.

4. He’s A Proud Uncle

Zach and Jenna Compono don’t have any kind of kids the their own yet, yet he’s acquiring lots of exercise as an uncle. Previously this year, Zach post a love warming picture of him holding his child niece. If the pair ever does decide to have actually kids, Zach will currently be a natural.

5. He to be A CrossFit Instructor

Staying to the right is a huge component of Zach’s life. The spends a most time functioning out and staying in shape is important to him. Because that a while, he operated as a CrossFit instructor whereby he concentrated on helping rather reach their physical goals. It’s unclear whether or no Zach is still functioning in the fitness world, yet it’s clear that practice is quiet his passion.

6. He has An alter Ego

Not only does Zach have actually an change ego, but he’s additionally created an alternating universe for this ego come live. In an interview the said, “I have actually an alter-ego, that stays in a make up human being that’s even an ext of a state the mind than anything. I’m the mayor of Rip City, and also that’s every you need to know.”

7. Jenna Compono Isn’t The very first MTV Star He’s Dated

Zach Nichol’s relationship with Jenna Compono has been a large part the both that their reality TV stories. But Jenna isn’t the first MTV reality star Zach has had actually a relationship with. Indigenous 2014 come 2015, Zach dated Ashlee Feldmen indigenous The actual World: brand-new Orleans.

8. He and also His Fiance have A Couples’ YouTube Channel

With social distancing and also self quarantining becoming the norm, civilization are spring for new ways to entertain themselves. Because that Zach Nichols and also Jenna Compono, among those methods was to develop a couples’ YouTube channel. The 2 made their channel in at an early stage March and also have due to the fact that uploaded three videos. They at this time have simply over 5,000 subscribers.

9. He wanted To work-related In The medical Field

During his an elderly year in college, Zach was still trying to figure out what he wanted to execute after school. Although play football was his number one plan. He additionally had other choices in situation that didn’t work out. Zach hope to it is in a physical therapist or a veterinarian.

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10. His Dad Is His Rock

Zach Nichols has a close connection with his family and also often looks come his dad because that advice and also guidance. In his interview through Nikki Sin, Zach common that his dad is his rock. He stated that the tune “Like a Rock” by Bob Segar constantly reminds the of his father.