I need to obtain real because that a second. I"m at sight excited around Zayn"s new album, psychic Of Mine. And, think me, if girlfriend told me I would certainly be excited for Zayn Malik"s solo job a couple of years back, i would have looked at you like you to be crazy. But with super catchy singles like "Pillowtalk," "It"s You," and "Like ns Would," there"s no denying the this dude has obtained talent. However, there"s likewise one thing that is seriously throwing me off when it concerns my feelings about the brand-new album: the mind of Mine album cover art. And no, I"m no referring to the truth that his photo selection is pretty comparable to Lil" Wayne"s 2008 album, Tha Carter III. V the cover mirroring a picture of a young, toddler-aged Zayn v older-Zayn representative eight tattoos, it just doesn"t totally enhance the vibe I"m gaining so far from the album. Basically, mental of Mine having a baby photograph on its sheathe is off-putting in relationship to the album"s seemingly sex-related theme.

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Based top top the song (and music videos) released from the debut album up until this point, the central theme that the album is one thing: sex. Zayn is identified to not only share a little too much about his love life, yet he"s also proving his maturity... In the bedroom. Through "Pillowtalk" gift the most blatant instance (the lyrics literally say, "Be in the bed all day, bed all day, bed every day. F***ing in, fighting on."), "It"s You" also strongly relates come his love life, and the chorus the "Like i Would" claims things like, "He won"t touch you prefer I do. He won"t love you prefer I would." and I"m pretty certain that nobody of those themes would be well-equated with a infant photo, no?


If you don"t feel uncomfortable simply yet, enable me to put things right into a different perspective: What form of music would allow this album sheathe to it is in acceptable? Well, because that one, if the remainder of the track perform for mental Of Mine continued to be heavily focused on Zayn"s childhood and his journey cultivation up, the cover arts would certainly fit appropriate in. However, through Zayn"s in its entirety edgy vibe, his rollercoaster the a love life, and also the should breakout from the One Direction stigma, I very doubt the released track list gives us lot hope of songs that aren"t directly related come the sort of mature relationship you can"t imagine this actual toddler on the album covering having.

I"m simply going to have to ignore the photograph I"m looking at when the album is play on loop (as it more than likely will be). And, for this reason far, it seems as if I"m not the just one that is walking to need to turn my eyes from exactly how adorable Zayn was as a wee lad...

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But, really, though, prepare for part awkward moments of jamming the end to a super sultry track — and also then having actually a glimpse of baby Zayn destroy the mood.