Are they on or off? us take a look at Selena Gomez and Zedd's partnership from the begin to now…

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2. The rumours the a relationship raised when Zedd post a snap the Selena in bed in February 2015!

Well, what's happening right here then?! The picture was captioned, "Oh hello derrling... - The Room#TheRoom #theRoom #THEroom #theROOM". Mysterious.


3. At the end of February, Zedd revealed the pair first met many thanks to a cheeky toilet break!

Yep, he admitted, "It was around as random together it gets. I had actually the day off and decided to go buy stuff for my house, and also I had to pee. I had actually my engineer with me and also he to be like, 'Just walk to the studio end there, they have a bathroom, just go and also use that', i beg your pardon was across the street. So ns walk in, and also the head of our label, who had just signed Selena, to be there. He to be like, 'Have you ever met Selena?'. Then prefer a mainly later, we begin working on a song. All due to the fact that I had actually to pee." Picture: Splash


4. Selena called Zedd a "cute little German" and also said he had beautiful eyes ago in march 2015

Selena stated at the time, "He’s this cute small German, and he’s acquired really beautiful eyes, and he’s very sweet and also funny. Ns respect his vision since he has actually a way of learning how essential his function is as an EDM artist, and he no spend most of his time travel the civilization DJing. He is great, and very talented. He and I met as soon as we were recording making use of the very same building and also he essential to usage my bathroom. We finished up talking, share music and it happened organically."


5. The pair to be rumoured to it is in in a rocky spot in April because of a particular Mr Justin Bieber…

A resource close come the couple claimed, “Zedd just felt choose he would constantly be number two in Selena’s life. That felt prefer he never ever really had actually her love 100 percent. She would never admit the she’s tho in love with Justin, however that’s exactly how Zedd feels. Selena didn’t want her relationship with Zedd to end, however eventually saw the light that it simply wasn’t walk anywhere. They space still close friends. Zedd adores Selena yet can’t figure out why she’s still hooked on Justin." Picture: Getty

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6. Zedd admitted he discovered it tough to deal with the scrutiny around his showbiz connection in might

He claimed at the time, "I've never had any type of scandals and also I've never ever done noþeles bad, and also everyone just talked around my music. I liked that - that's just how I want it to be. And then, out of nowhere, suddenly human being started talking around things that had actually nothing to execute with mine music. I was like, 'Wait - we've obtained a song. Why don't friend talk around that song?'"

7. Selena admitted she and Zedd had actually been dating in July 2015 ~ Diplo doubted their relationship

Selena said at the time, " stated that was a joke! He claimed that was a hoax ‘cause ns talked come him! very first off, it’s really interesting the Diplo would think that knew about my an individual life, but he doesn’t. I adore Anton a lot and I certainly had a thing with him, which to be nice.” Picture: Instagram