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Ideal for:Sleepers who reap deeply contouring press reliefSide and ago sleepers under 230 poundsSensitive sleepers that share the bedShoppers top top a budget
Considerations:This mattress might not administer enough assistance for sleepers that weigh over 230 poundsClose-conforming foams might trap heat and also limit movementZinus go not currently offer shipping come addresses in Alaska or Hawaii, therefore orders to those areas must go through a third-party company

Zinus introduced in 2004 together a direct-to-consumer bedding company. Through its affordable prices and wide choice of memory foam and hybrid beds, the brand has become a prominent name in the digital mattress industry.

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The Zinus eco-friendly Tea storage Foam Mattress is the company’s flagship product. This three-layer, all-foam mattress is accessible in four various profile options, measure 6, 8, 10, and also 12 inches tall. Each variation performs uniquely, as the distinct thicknesses the the storage foam and polyfoam layers sell differing levels of contouring and support. However, all 4 models have a tool soft (4) firmness level.

One that the environment-friendly Tea Foam Mattress’s standout features is the distinctive memory foam, which has eco-friendly tea extract and also charcoal infusions intended to absorb moisture and fight odor buildup. The mattress also contains a transitional layer of polyfoam, and high-density polyfoam in the assistance core that helps provide a sturdy base.

To assist you decision if the Zinus eco-friendly Tea Mattress can be appropriate for your sleeping style, we’ll study important factors such as materials, construction, and also pricing, and shipping, warranty, and also return policies.

Zinus Mattress

Choose the 6-inch mattress if… you favor a compact bed and a much less conforming surface. This version performs fairly well top top temperature regulation, as it doesn’t contour as closely to the sleeper’s body. However, the diluent profile the this mattress may not provide enough support for earlier and stomach sleepers, an especially those weighing an ext than 130 pounds.Choose the 8-inch mattress if… you gain a short profile and also you sleep through a partner. Through a slightly an ext robust comfort section, the 8-inch model isolates activity to protect against it native disturbing various other sleepers. The thicker lull layers also provide better pressure relief because that side sleepers under 230 pounds.Choose the 10-inch mattress if… you like sleeping ~ above a close-conforming surface. The more thick 2.5-inch lull layer provides extr pressure relief by cradling sharp locations of the body, such as the hips and shoulders. Side and back sleepers weighing 230 pounds or much less may gain this model’s plusher feel.Choose the 12-inch mattress if… you’re seeking amplified pressure relief. Through 3 inch of memory foam and also 2 inch of transitional polyfoam, the 12-inch model lets sleepers sink in deeper come take load off sensitive areas of the body.

The Zinus green Tea Mattress is one all-foam design with three layers in total. The peak layer consists of storage foam infused with green tea and also charcoal. The second layer is a transitional great of polyfoam. The mattress has actually a high-density polyfoam assistance core and a polyester jacquard cover.

The mattress is available in four different profile options, each of which functions the same materials in differing thicknesses. Regardless of the profile, each variation ranks a 4 the end of 10, or medium soft, on the mattress firmness scale.

The 6-inch design is a compact option, with 1 inch of memory foam, 1 customs of transitional polyfoam, and 4 customs of high-density polyfoam. Because of the relatively thin comfort section, sleepers largely sleep on, together opposed come in, this mattress.

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The 8-inch model has a 2-inch comfort layer of storage foam and also a 2-inch transitional great of polyfoam. The thicker transitional layer provides added structure. Beneath the transitional great is a 4-inch support core the high-density polyfoam.

The 10-inch model has actually a slightly much more conforming feel, through 2.5 inch of memory foam and 2 customs of transitional polyfoam. The assistance core consists of 5.5 inches of high-density polyfoam, i beg your pardon is thicker than the lower-profile mattresses and provides much more support.

The 12-inch model utilizes a 3-inch lull layer of storage foam and also a 2-inch polyfoam transitional layer for deep conforming and pressure relief. The assistance core is made of 7 inch of high-density polyfoam, which is ~ above par with other all-foam mattresses.

All foams provided in the mattress space CertiPUR-US certified, meaning they have been tested and also found complimentary of formaldehyde and ozone-depleting substances.